Instagram Picks.

April 11, 2012 in Freshii

We want to share some of our favorite instagram photos with you. Thanks to everyone for sharing these beautiful takes on Freshii meals.  Search for #freshii in the app for more or follow us @freshii.

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Meet Kale: Your New Friend With Benefits.

April 9, 2012 in Freshii


Launching today in a store near you! Try our newest Limited Time Offer – the Kale Effect bowl or salad. Custom created for us by Nutritionist and Best-Selling author Dr. Joey – these items are jam packed with nutrients and taste! You can also add the Kale Effect to any menu item as a base or topping.






We’ve been busy.

April 6, 2012 in Freshii

We haven’t posted in quite a while but, we have a good excuse – we promise! We’ve actually been hard at work listening, learning, innovating and bringing you (our guests) more of what you want. We’ve been conducting feedback (surveys, focus groups, emails, etc.) over the past many months and as a result we’re implementing some changes to our stores, branding and digital presence. The biggest change? A new menu.  Not to panic: we’ve kept our focus laser sharp on all of the things guests love about us. Fresh food, control and nutritious meals on the go are still of the utmost importance to us.

Please note not all stores will have the new menu at the moment but over the next several months you will see these changes come into effect and we want you to be prepared!

So, here it goes!


Over the past several months we’ve been asking you – our guests – for feedback. All of the changes you see in our stores are in response to these conversations and we’re really excited about them. We’ve added more of the toppings you want with less filler. We’ve enhanced sauces and dressings. We’ve heated things up (our protein that is). And, we’ve changed our packaging to make it easier to enjoy.


No more fast tickets (unless you want them). Order right at the register for quick and simple ordering. We did this to improve accuracy, provide a more enjoyable ordering experience, and give you more time to ask questions about our menu (and/or get back to your busy day). Removing the fast ticket also helps us reduce our consumption of paper and stay true to our mission green.

WE’VE ADDED SOME NEW INGREDIENTS (AND TAKEN SOME AWAY). We have a brand new menu of chef-designed items made with some delicious new ingredients such as shrimp, green onions and artichoke hearts. We’ve also added some new dressings like cilantro lime vinaigrette; fresh made Pico de Gallo and creamy BBQ sauce to enhance flavor profiles. We also removed some items that don’t meet our new nutritional standards or that weren’t popular with guests.


Not to worry – most of the old menu items remain – but refreshed and kicked up a notch to deliver a better tasting product. We still allow you to customize any of our items for your preferences, but in a different way – right at the cash register. And, if you can’t seem to find your favorite meal- just ask us and we can have it made for you.


Our guests trust us to help them live a healthy and active lifestyle through nutritious foods. Now we’re even more focused on nutritious meals that energize and help you live the lifestyle you want.

Freshii exists for and because of our guests and we continue to be steadfast in our mission to help people around the world eat better. We are motivated everyday to continue to evolve our brand and educate more people about a healthy lifestyle. We’ve made these changes with this mission in mind and we are really excited about them – we hope you are too. If you have any questions, comments or concerns about any of these changes – we’d love to hear from you directly so that we can continue to push the envelope and deliver an exceptional Freshii experience.



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